Sentinels are essentially the devices or signals that verify the location of objects. These include entities such as Bluetooth trackers, GPS trackers, geo-location tracking built into IoT devices, satellite tracking technology, QR code scanners, RFID scanning and many others. XY Findables has pioneered and launched its consumer Bluetooth and GPS business, which has allowed it to test and process real-world location heuristics.

Lost luggage is a nightmare not only for travelers but also for Airports in general. The XYO Network can resolve this issue by providing airports with verified location data via a decentralized system. Airports can use each other’s networks without compromising sensitive data. XY was founded in 2012, and was qualified by the SEC in 2016 to sell Reg A+ equity. In short, Reg A+ gives companies like XY the ability to offer early stage ownership to customers, supporters, or any other individual. Not only does it give us the capital that is needed to sustain our rapid growth, but it also allows our owners to be part of our entrepreneurial experience.

  • Blockchain platforms have the ability to facilitate smart contracts which enable the automated execution of agreements.
  • Diviners are able to ask the questions to the archivist or go directly to a bridge for the data needed to answer the question.
  • The top crypto exchanges that have XY Oracle available for trading, ranked by 24h trading volume and the current price.
  • XYO is a blockchain project that was co-founded by Arie Trouw, Scott Scheper, and Markus Levin, towards the end of 2017.

XYO is a blockchain project that was co-founded by Arie Trouw, Scott Scheper, and Markus Levin, towards the end of 2017. XYO Network is a cryptonetwork of smartphones, computers, smart-home devices and more. These devices observe and archive data from the physical world using a special cryptographic protocol. This process, called “Geomining”, is powered a crypto Utility Token called XYO Tokens.

Once the package is confirmed to be in the customer’s home (defined and verified by a specific XY-Coordinate), the shipment is considered complete and the payment to the vendor gets released. The eCommerce integration of the XYO Network thusly enables the ability to protect the merchant from fraud as well as ensure consumers only pay for goods that arrive in their home. The XYO Network focuses on making xy oracle location not only trustless and decentralized, but also identityless. This is achieved by combining a zero-knowledge proof with a cryptographic method we call Proof of Origin, as well as other technologies which will be covered later on. With the advent of blockchain-based, trustless smart contracts, the need for oracle services that arbitrate the outcome of a contract grows proportionately.

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Considering these imminent innovations makes it glaringly evident that our dependence on location data will, without question, eclipse our current usage by an insurmountable magnitude. Securing and creating a trustless source of location information will be crucial to successfully transitioning to the world of tomorrow. Your smartphone or any SentinelX device is a data collector that gathers location, time, temperature and so on. Devices within the XYO network interact with each other, once they got near.

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The notion is astonishingly simple, yet up until this point in history, revolutionary approach was not possible. Indeed, the implications of this are profound, yet not fully apparent today. A list of the top XY Oracle markets across all crypto exchanges based on the highest 24h trading volume, with their current price. Most of them are remain dead, some of them are a scam, and there is a little number of cryptocurrency projects that really strives to make a world a better place. Today, we are going to observe the XYO coin as a whole – what XYO is, where and how to trade XYO, how to store XYO, etc. XY Reg A+ shares are not currently traded on an exchange; their value is effectively set by whatever a private seller chooses to charge and and a private buyer chooses to pay. is an independent publishing house that provides Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology News. It is a News Media Platform which serves its audience with accurate News and Analytical Articles. Our team is committed to providing unbiased News & Reports related to various Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Apps, Initial Coin Offerings and Blockchain technology. All investments and trading are risky, and may result in the loss of capital.

The storage in archivists is free, and archivists are incentivized only when the stored raw information has been used to answer a query. Archivists are interconnected, so if one archivist cannot answer a particular query, it will ask the other. Once the XYO Token holder queries the XYO Network and pays the requested gas, all Diviners working on the task call out to the relevant Archivists to retrieve the pertinent data needed to answer the query. The data returned is derived from the Bridges, who originally gathered the data from the Sentinels.

In exchange for their participation on XYO’s network, sentinels, bridges, archivists and diviners all receive XYO tokens as a reward. Sentinels and bridges are rewarded XYO tokens when their information is used to answer a question. Archivists are rewarded for the retrieval and use of data, although they aren’t rewarded merely for data storage.

Over time, this imbalance creates an undesirable ecosystem for every participant involved . Markus mined his first Bitcoin in 2013 and has been captivated by blockchain technologies ever since. Markus has over 15 years experience in building, managing and growing companies around the globe. Markus is originally from Germany , and specializes in getting the most out of companies by implementing data-driven systems and utilizing the key talents of each employee to get the best out of his team. We are fortunate to have a consumer business that has successfully built this real-world network.

The XBX is the flagship in a portfolio of single- and multi-asset indices offered by CoinDesk. This green paper is the result of our decision to make our white paper more concise. We did this by refining the white paper to contain only the technical details of the XYO Network.

Additionally, the current limitation with Proof of Location protocols centers around their complete and total reliance on Ethereum. Indeed, for some use cases (such as micro-transactions leveraged by IoT devices), end users may wish to use a platform that does not charge fees for each transaction. The trustless cryptographic location network provides layered location verification across device classes and protocols. A new cryptographic mechanism called proof of origin & bound witness is combined with blockchain technology and real-world location-based data collection to form XYO Network. In summary, Proof of Location can be understood as leveraging the blockchain’s powerful properties, such as time-stamping and decentralization, and combining them with devices that are hard to trick. Similar to how the weakness of smart contracts centers around oracles that use a single source of truth , crypto-location systems face the same problem.

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XY shifts its focus to direct-to-consumer location technology by releasing the XY Find It brand; taking on the consumer Bluetooth tracking market. XY launches “Webble,” which soon becomes the largest horizontally integrated hyper-location network. Webble aims to compete with Yelp in providing merchants better tools to interact one-on-one with their customers (eliminating the need for Yelp as a middle-man). The XYO Network will rely on an ERC20 token called the XYO Token used to incentivize the desired behavior of providing accurate, reliable location. XYO Tokens can be thought of as “gas” needed to interface with the real world in order to verify the XY-coordinate of a specified object. XY’s team is comprised of seasoned engineers, business development professionals and marketing experts.

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We raised our price from $1 per share to $8 per share, a process which requires SEC approval. That’s a price rather than a value but if you wish to use it as a guide for what you would like to charge a buyer, you may do so. Since the XY stock is a public equity, you can sell it, will it, or otherwise transfer it whenever you want. The only thing to remember is that there is not an open market for it, so you would have to bring your own buyer for you to be able to sell it.

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After dropping out of his Ph.D. studies at Bocconi University, Markus began working with companies in hyper-growth industries around the globe. Markus has led cutting edge technology ventures such as Novacore, “sterkly” (yes, with a lowercase “s”), Hive Media and Koiyo. Generally, the greater the Sentinel cardinality in the XYO Network, the more reliable the network. To further grow its network, the XYO Network is engaging with other businesses to expand its network of Sentinels beyond its own network of XY beacons. Your investment may not qualify for investor protection in your country or state of residence, so please conduct your own due diligence.

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Our open-ended architecture ensures that the XYO Network of today will support the blockchain platforms of tomorrow. The XYO Network supports all blockchain platforms that possess smart contract execution . Diviners collect the information transferred from archivists, analyze them and provide accuracy scores to generate them as answers. Diviners try to find out the exact answers from the archivists for the query raised in the smart contract.

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Hardware Wallets will provide a maximum level of security to your assets. As XYO cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 utility token, it is compatible with pretty much every Ethereum wallet. Reg A+ Equity is an interesting opportunity, particularly because it allows everyone to invest in a company at an earlier stage than normally available.

After spending a great deal of time and effort structuring our white paper, Christine carried her work even further by applying the same best-practices to our green paper. Last, we thank John Arana for his careful review and creative input for our efforts. The XYO Network believes that the value of a token should remain in direct proportion to its utility, which to some degree relies on the number of transactions it participates in. Many cryptocurrencies today focus almost exclusively on incentivized systems that reward miners; they do not focus on building incentives for token users.

Let’s read more about the XYO price prediction about XYO’s future for the next five years. XYO is the native cryptocurrency of the XYO Network, which is a network of devices that anonymously collects and validates geospatial data, or data with a geographical component. It is known as an “oracle,” which in crypto jargon means technology that provides real-world data from an online source to a blockchain protocol or decentralized application. Similar to Bitcoin, and most blockchain technologies, the most compelling property of blockchain is the built-in accountability that is inherent of a fully-public ledger. This derives from the fact that each transaction is completely open and viewable.

Answers with the highest accuracy scores will be selected as answers to upload back to smart contracts. The higher the reward, the faster the query will be addressed by the system. The fear of financial instability or macro-economic threat did not stop the cryptocurrency market from coming to the fore. Despite this new asset class’s high risk and volatility, investors are betting on coins for the long term. The price of XYO is dependent on the underlying utility of the XYO coin name system, ecosystem, and market sentiments.